Tips to Create the Perfect Instagram Bio to Attract a Bigger Audience

Bios can be tough to write and there are only so many things that can fit into a few sentence’s worths of space. Whether you are running a personal page or a social media page for your business, your bio will be the very first thing a new follower will come across on your Instagram account.

In order to make someone new decision to follow you, you will have to present them with a few reasons why. Some of these can be included in your bio and they can really change the outcome of this first contact.

Here are some of the best tips you can use in order to create the perfect Instagram bio.

Use an eye-catching profile picture
One of the things that many people don’t think about when it comes to creating their Instagram bio is their profile picture. Thanks to the platform’s design, the profile picture is embedded in the bio and considered a part of it.

Your profile picture should clearly show your brand’s logo or a picture of yourself where you are easily recognizable. If you have created a following for yourself, you can even go ahead and follow Zendaya’s example; a not-so-flattering picture that will still show your character and fun side.

Choose a unique font

In case you didn’t know, you can use different fonts for your Instagram bio without an issue. While these are not provided by the platform, they can easily be found through various mobile apps and also online websites.
These special fonts help bring a fun twist to your bio and can help you showcase your character. You can use websites such as LingoJam’s Font Changer and the FontFix app for your mobile device and enjoy creating and choosing from a variety of fonts.

Mention your niche and skills

No matter the reason why your page is up and running, you can mention your niche and purpose through the light grey description in your bio. This can either be about a business, a personal blog, or anything else your page is meant for. Keep in mind though, that this feature is only visible through the Instagram app on your mobile device.

On top of this, you should try and include a few of your skills that are related to your niche. For example, if you are running a makeup centered base you can include a sentence that mentions that you are a makeup artist or even a makeup enthusiast, in case you are not yet a professional.

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